Application approved by JDAP 15th February 2019

After 4 years of dealing with The Town of Cottesloe and experiencing inordinate delays the Swanbourne Village Trust development was approved by a Joint Development Assessment Panel today.
Three external experts and two ToC Councillors comprised the panel. The approval was passed 4:1 with Cr. Pyvis against and Mayor Angers for.

The JDAP were of the view that the proposal design, scale, and bulk was suitable in this location, positively contributed to the streetscape and satisfied the planning framework, including the R-Code design principles and Local Development Plan.

Councillor Pyvis based her negative response on the Town’s Local Planning Strategy 2008.  Given this was prepared over a decade ago and has not kept up to date with current planning trends or State Government policy,  should it still be used as a guiding document?  Only when councillors have an opportunity to access developments against a modern planning strategy and scheme, will we have the opportunity to create positive change and vibrancy.  We will also have the opportunity to curb Perth’s urban sprawl.

In their summing up the independent members of the panel commented:-
“This is a very good development, a very good piece of architecture”
“This is a particularly good example of medium density developments which we have too few examples of.”
“It is well considered and appropriate for this location”
“The design is innovative, thoughtful to density”
The proposal sits consistently, respectfully within the area and location”
They also commented favourably on the inclusion of communal facilities for residents.

LDP passed At Council Meeting 25th September 2018

The revised LDP for this project was passed 8:1 at a Council Meeting 25th September 2018.



Nearly 4 years and still being delayed: Please submit your comments


The LDP, showing area boundaries and setbacks was submitted to an external strategic planner.  After small amendments by the external planner, it was submitted to Cottesloe’s Design Advisory Panel for comment.The resulting LDP is now shown on the town’s website, inviting your submissions by Friday 10th August.  At this stage, submissions do not relate to the buildings, only the boundaries, setbacks and R Codes.To see the above plan clearly please click to enlarge it.

The LDP has now been reviewed by:

(a) The Town of Cottesloe’s planning department

b) An external independent strategic planning company : CLE Town Planning + Design

(c) The Town of Cottesloe’s Design Advisory Panel (architects & planners and skilled professionals)

Future Cottesloe supports this project. The writer has a personal interest in seeing it come to fruition. If you support it proceeding without additional delay, please make your submission to before Friday 10th August 2018.

Questions? Please email


MODIFIED LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN - Click Image above for full Plan

View of southern neighbour from Congdon Street:


Council Meeting 27 February 2018  OFFICE RECOMMENDATION:  See Agenda   Refer Page 27

A revised Local Development Plan has been submitted to the Town of Cottesloe and is available for inspection on the Town’s website.

In essence, the officer recommendation was to submit the modified plan to an experienced, qualified Strategic Planning Consultant to:

Review the modified Local Development Plan

Submit comments and recommendations to T o C Design Advisory Panel  (Cr. Boulter, Cr. Pyvis, Dick Donaldson, Craig Shephard, Deon White, Simon Rodrigues, Lawrence Scanlan, Trevor Saleeba)

Re-advertise the Local Development Plan

Submit a detailed report to Council

Although the meaning of the word ‘independent’ was not clarified, the Officer Recommendation was passed with the insertion of the word ‘independent’ before ‘Strategic Planning Consultant’.

FOR: Unanimous




A Scheme Amendment was approved by council in April 2016, subsequently the rezoning of land was approved by the Minister for Planning and Gazetted October 2017.

Council agreed in June 2017 to require modifications to the format of the Local Development Plan.  The required modifications to the project appear in the Minutes of  Council Meeting 27th June 2017.

All requested modifications have now been fully addressed by the Swanbourne Village Trust and we are expecting the amendments to be processed for approval at the February 2018 Council meeting.

note: Update supplied by Swanbourne Village Trust 24/01/2018

SWANBOURNE VILLAGE TRUST - Railway Street Cottesloe

We haven’t just designed a building…

we have gone back to first principles and re-thought the energy aspects of the building and the building materials.

Energy Saving Inventions and the Inventor

In October, 2017, Professor Garry Baverstock A.M. filed patents for two of his innovative and ground breaking energy efficient technologies: a solar hot water system and a solar air conditioner.

Garry, who was awarded the Order of Australia for environmental architecture, is an architect, inventor, a university professor,  a patron of The Conservation Council and an amateur musician.

His  four year design development, trials and prototype manufacture have happened here in Perth, and their application will be a first for Cottesloe, a first for Australia and a first for the world.

Not only will these inventions significantly reduce owners’ power costs by as much as 70% but they will significantly contribute to Cottesloe Town Council’s legislated commitment to reduce the carbon footprint by 20% by 2020.


Swanbourne Village Trust – 7 Individual Owners

This community development is owned by 7 individuals who wish to live in the finished buildings and is not a commercial proposition as mistakenly portrayed in the local community newspaper.


Transit Oriented Location

This SVT  project is putting density and amenity where it belongs: around the railway station and shopping precinct.


Reduction in Density – new Drawings to be Released

New drawings and design details  in response to Council’s request for amendments to the Local Development Plan will be released shortly and presented before Councillors at the 5th December 2017 Council Forum Agenda meeting. The original details and plans are on the website



Author: J. Hayes : Swanbourne Village Trust

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