Over the last decade, travellers around the globe have embraced the opportunity to connect with locals and enjoy a unique destination experience in residential style accommodation. As one of Western Australia’s iconic destinations, travellers expect to have a choice of quality short stay residential options available in Cottesloe.


Over 12 years ago, Cottesloe Beach House Stays commenced managing residential properties for short-medium term rental accommodation. The company grew organically as the area became a popular destination for both leisure visitors and corporate families relocating into the community. It is important to recognise that short stay properties in Cottesloe provide accommodation for a variety of purposes of stay including people requiring medical treatment; secondments for education and research; family reunions; business, sports and leisure activities.


The topic of short stay has raised some concerns from a small group of ratepayers and clarity is required around professional and responsible management of guests, properties and neighbours. Short stay accommodation has successfully co-existed within the residential zone of Cottesloe for many years without regulation and has grown significantly in response to demand, with minimal negative residential amenity consequences for local residents.


In light of the growth of short stay accommodation in Cottesloe, an industry collective representing short stay hosts and managers was formed in 2015 and a working committee appointed to undertake research and formulate a management policy proposal to the Town of Cottesloe. The Cottesloe Short Stay Committee represents the numerous hosts and managers of short stay accommodation in Cottesloe. Some of these Committee members are also Future Cottesloe members. A policy proposal inclusive of a registration system was submitted by the Committee to the Town in 2016.

Update February 2019

SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATION POLICY : Government has called for submissions. Committee will be meeting February 2019.

The Town provided the Standing Committee with a submission on 25 January 2019. The Standing Committee have advised by email that the Town’s submission has been received and that the WA Parliament is currently in recess.

Committee members have received the material sent to the Committee at its meeting in early February. It will now determine which correspondence it will accept as submissions, which then become public on their Inquiry web site.

It will also determine who it wants to discuss their submissions with further and invite them to a hearing (probably within 4-5 weeks).

Short Stay Accommodation Cottesloe

A synopsis of how short stay accommodation impacts Cottesloe both as a tourist destination and an economical multiplier.

The Cottesloe Short Stay Accommodation Committee supports certainty for the community with light touch regulation to ensure those who choose to undertake short stay accommodation understand best practice management and abide by a uniform code of conduct. Professional property management companies such as Cottesloe Beach House Stays have been undertaking best practice principles since inception, including abiding by the national Code of Conduct, implementing strict terms and conditions and maintaining good relationships with local community.


Permitting short stay accommodation in residential zones will provide open accountability and greater certainty for all; plus the opportunity for hosts and managers to address any concerns without fear of being unfairly shut down. Furthermore, the significant benefits from short stay visitors’ spending money in Cottesloe’s shops, cafes and restaurants cannot be underestimated.


A simple system of registration reflecting best practice management is proposed with the following recommendations:
1. Short stay be permitted in residential areas of Cottesloe.
2. Align the short stay policy/local law with a simple registration system inclusive of management plan.
3. A fee-based registration system that will assist council with administrative costs.


As an industry professional in short-medium term rental, I am convinced that Cottesloe is enriched by the cosmopolitan energy generated from guests utilising short stay accommodation. Combined with the major economic benefits flowing into the local business community, it is essential that this form of accommodation is supported and encouraged.

Author: Allison Manners, Cottesloe Beach House Stays, Member of Future Cottesloe