The path was finished August 2019 and a celebration held 21 September 2019. A successful outcome for the passionate cycle path and community supporters

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  • Extending the shared path along the Fremantle rail line from Grant Street Station to Victoria Street Station in Cottesloe
  • Work is underway with the final path expected to be completed in early August
  • Improve safety and accessibility between Cottesloe and Perth City

Project update

The Principal Shared Path (PSP) construction is well progressed, although weather and operational matters have affected the completion date. The revised date for completion is now early August. The new PSP runs along the rail line from Grant Street to Victoria Street Station. The 2.8 km project will significantly improve connectivity and safety for residents and visitors in the Town Of Cottesloe. Find out more information in our January Project Update.


This project will provide a continuous off-road facility, reducing possible conflict with road traffic and providing a high-quality link to key tourist attractions. Working closely with the Town of Cottesloe, we have created a design that complements the surrounding environment between the railway line and Curtin Avenue. The extended path makes up the first of two stages to the extension. This project will ensure everyone is able to travel safely on a dedicated connection. Work includes:

  • Extend the existing PSP by 2.8 kilometres to separate pedestrians and cyclists from motorists. This will provide access to train stations, the Mosman Park Activity Centre and Cottesloe Primary School.
  • Provide a pedestrian and cyclist crossing at Eric Street to avoid cyclists crossing at signalised intersections.
  • Install new lighting, signs and pavement markings.