Ocean Pool Option 1 North of Groyne

The image at left is taken from an article written April 2014 by Tom Locke, when this pool design was submitted to The Town of Cottesloe.

Extract from the full article:

  • ” The cutting edge research and development work that has been done for this pool is led by Professor Jorg Imberger, Director of UWA’s Centre For Water Research (CWR) and WA’s 2008 Scientist Of The Year. CWR’s World renowned oceanographic modelling systems have attracted international acclaim for Professor Imberger, with awards  that include the Stockholm Prize For Water. As a leader in his field he currently sits on a panel of experts selected worldwide to consult on the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The CWR at UWA, under Imberger’s directorship, is world’s best practice and has undertaken important research at numerous iconic locations, including the Venice Lagoon and The Sea of Galilee.  There is no better environmental engineering advice available to the Cottesloe Pool than at The University of Western Australia.
  • In support of the engineering work already done, UWA’s Professor Emeritus John Bloomfield AM, has joined the project to consult and advise on the sporting, recreational and disabled access aspects of this pool. Professor Bloomfield is also recognised as a world leader in his field with his important Australian Government Report that led to the development of the Australian Sports System, and in turn the establishment of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), which turned around the fortunes of sport in Australia after the Montreal Olympics.  He has chaired the AIS, the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Sports Medicine and the Australian Sports Science Federations.  His contribution to Australia saw him inducted into the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame in 2007.


  • The Cottesloe pool’s 21st century engineering science will eliminate much of the costly cleaning of old pool designs that accumulated sand, weed and other debris.
  • The environmental engineering aspects of the Cottesloe Pool have been augmented with input from a world renowned sports scientist, who has also had practical surf life saving experience
  • Western Australia is more than ready for this state-of-the-art ocean pool at Cottesloe. Once it is established, others will follow.