Ocean Pool at North Cottesloe - artist's impression

Ocean Pool - North Cottesloe


Ocean Pool Option 3 - North Cottesloe

Updated notes:

  1. We are the lowest environmental impact solution
  2. There are no Traditional owner issues in this location
  3. We are proposing an incorporated Community organisation to run and manage the Pool (our Lawyer is working on this pro bono), with a Board of local interested stakeholder representatives
  4. The Pool will run at a surplus (as with the Community Hall in Eric St) , so there is no ongoing need for funding from any Authority.  If this doesn’t work we don’t proceed and we hope the UWA Business School MBA program will run this feasibility for us.
  5.   The Pool will be a great tool for Shark mitigation so we can get the young members and their families back down to the beach to learn to swim and train in salt water , and from there it is an easier route to join a Surf Club at Cottesloe , N Cottesloe or Swanbourne or just walk that 25 metres to the Lagoon.
  6. We offer all open hours  access to the elderly, disabled and those recovering from injury in the salt water pond which we would use as a settling pond for the salt water pumped in from offshore
  7. We are the closest community facility to the Napier Street carpark where the majority of Cottesloe’s future carparking will be – this is just on our south eastern corner.
  8. The dune top walk wraps around the site to the west and provides another focal point for this important entry point into Cottesloe, this walk is approximately 270 metres long and provides a place to view the sunset , some westerly relief from the sun to the pool deck , some extra connectedness to the Commercial and community facilities along its path and a wonderful area to view beach and surf events so close to the ocean.
  9. We are different to the other proposed Pools and can co-exist with them
  10. With the Water Polo facility we open up funding options and greatly assist the commercial viability  of the North Cottesloe Ocean Pool.  Water Polo WA Board Members have also talked about ‘Water Polo by the Sea’ events as they have at ‘Icebergs’ at Bondi Beach.  They also talked of basing a new National Team from WA at this facility.
  11. We will use the underlying sandstone structure a s a biological filter for the pool to remove NH3 from the circulating water.
  13. The Water Polo Pool is a gamechanger for funding and operational costs.

Cottesloe Foreshore Renewal Masterplan Submission

Chris Shellabear

Chris Shellabear 

The greater Cottesloe foreshore is iconic and services residents and visitors, providing a place to commune, build friendships and interact in a healthy environment. It is the foreshore that connects these people to the ocean creating a greater sense of belonging and community.

The scope of the Cardno plan focusses on the central area of Cottesloe. My plan is to present a broader planning initiative with the goal to better utilize Government land, creating amenity that fosters community engagement and healthy living for the very long term


Plan to include North Cottesloe in your Foreshore Master plan. The gateway to Cottesloe is Eric Street, which directs traffic from Stirling Highway to the intersection of Marine Parade at North Cottesloe Beach. This IS the first entrance point to Cottesloe, we would propose that the entrance to Cottesloe should be efficient so let’s also look to widen Eric St bridge to 4 lanes thus reducing the frustration of the daily congestion and weekend ‘bottleneck’.

We acknowledge that the masterplan includes an upgrade of the Eric and Marine Parade intersections, we believe further consultation is required to encourage activation of Public spaces. Previous capital works have focused on central Cottesloe, the main beach, the boulevard which then attracts the majority of visitors and exhausting existing facilities.

We propose that the Masterplan utilize space further north to help the distribution of visitors and local residents, reducing pedestrian congestion and beach crowding, and delivering more foot traffic to facilities around the beach interface and businesses in the built-up space back towards the main entrance to Cottesloe at the North Cottesloe Beach.


Attached you will find a Draft Plan of an OCEAN POOL and a ‘DUNE WALK’.

The proposed Dune Walk is a raised pathway, not unlike the Kings Park tree walk, starting from a point south of the ocean pool (near Eileen St intersection) and connecting to a point north of the grassed area north of the N Cottesloe Surf Club where it rejoins the boulevard. A distance of about 270 metres. The walkway will join existing structures such as the Barchetta Café and the top of the N Cott ski shed. The prime use of the walkway is as an accessible focal point for people to engage with the beach visually or watch the majestic sunset. Functionally it will provide shade to the pool area on its eastern side. Lastly the Dune Walk will enhance the north to south bicycle and pedestrian traffic moving them away from the east / west movement of beachgoers accessing the beach and sand which is a daily point of conflict.

The Ocean Pool is proposes south of Barchetta Cafe, opposite where Ken Crew was taken by a shark on 6/11/2000. Our planning initiative has also been reviewed and endorsed by the previous team pushing for an Ocean pool. Tom and John should be acknowledged for their generosity and vision and I thank them for their input.



If you have a question which is not already answered here, please call Mobile 0418910065 

Ocean Pool at North Cottesloe

This pool will help the young gain confidence in salt water, welcome families back to the beach in safety, and provide easy access to salt water swimming for the elderly and disabled.

Note that our drop off zone for buses, taxis and vehicles of all descriptions is immediately on the eastern boundary of the pool. With ramp and proposed lift access to the pool deck.

The pool is to be situated at the mid-level below Marine Parade (3.5 metres) and above the beach (4.5 metres) and is shown as a 10 lane 50 metre salt water pool with additional depth for Water Polo. The pool deck would be at the height of the changeroom floor under Barchetta with benched seating and picnic areas to the east and south whilst retaining part of the grassed area to the south. The ocean Pool is proposed in an area that was mostly reclaimed with Wanneroo sand after Cyclone Alby washed the area away in 1979 ensuring no impact on any of the original dune system.

The Ocean Pool will cycle fresh salt water with inlet and outlets located offshore under the sand away from seasonal sand movements approx. 200-400 metres offshore. An artesian bore is envisaged for heat transfer of water in the winter to ensure year-round use.

Importantly, the North Cottesloe Ocean Pool could be managed by a community group, would be ‘user pays’. Initial investigations show that this could be designed, built and delivered at NO COST to Council and ratepayers. I can discuss this in further detail if the Plan is adopted.


The Dune Walk and Pool are adjacent to the North West of the Napier Street carpark which could hold 500 parking bays over two levels. It is my opinion, and the opinion of many I have spoken to, that the masterplan has an emphasis on the road reserve and realignment to the detriment of some obvious options. A two level carpark could offer free parking on the top level that would flow into the John Black Dune Park and provide covered paid car parking on the Lower level. The lower Marine Parade level could be pushed out west off the Reserve to provide opportunities for Commercial development so you can further connect Central Cottesloe with North Cottesloe.

The pool is located directly opposite the OBH which is Cottesloe’s largest development site providing a lot of parking in the future.

Personally, I would love to see the return of ‘Van Eileens’ famous burgers on the beachfront! People could walk along the east of Marine parade to shop, socialise and dine and on the west side to enjoy the parkland, the beach and other proposed amenities. I think the Cardo re alignment here still works but should ensure the commercial space is off the Reserve area to avoid issues. As you move North to the proposed pool and dune walk so much more can be made of this area, which in turn improves the entry experience into Cottesloe at North Cottesloe beach.


The Pool and the Dune Walk could be funded by accessing available Federal infrastructure grants, Lotterywest, Dept of Sport and Recreation and an element of Crowd Funding if necessary.


We ask the Council to;

  •  Include these built features in the Master Plan
  • Set up a steering Committee to deliver a design and costing for an Ocean Pool and Dune Walk
  • Further look at the Napier St carpark and its commercial possibilities
  • Empower the steering Committee to seek concrete funding with State, Federal, Private and Benevolent Institutions and Private Philanthropists for the funding of the entire project and,
  • Move to design and deliver the project in the next 3-5 years.

I look forward to discussing this plan for North Cottesloe with all Councillors and Council Administrators at any time, if you are interested to discuss the plan call me at Shellabears or catch me at Little SUP in Eric St or North Cottesloe Beach in the morning.

Chris Shellabear


0418910065 mobile

WK 93848000