Cottesloe Beach Shade Sail


Updated Foreshore Master Plan September 2019

LINK TO  Draft Cottesloe Foreshore Masterplan 

The Draft Cottesloe Foreshore Masterplan is a high-level broad framework that will provide a long term vision and guide the future enhancement and management of the foreshore in coming years.

Invitation for public commentary  closes at 4pm on Monday, 30 September 2019


Cottesloe Beach Shade Sail

Foreshore Precinct Implementation Committee

19th February 2019

Minutes of meeting 19th February 2019 can be found via this link to the Town of Cottesloe website : LINK TO MINUTES

Amongst other topics, this meeting  recognised the confusion in the community and set out plans to engage with the community during the next year. A schedule of meetings is included in the minutes together with details of plans to engage the community.through different mediums.


Foreshore Precinct Implementation Committee

10th September 2018

LINK to minutes



Cottesloe Beach Steps South


Beach Access Paths Committee, May 2018

Presiding Member Cr. S. Pyvis

Approved the design guide by Blackwell and Associates


Enquiry by Design : February 2012

Cardno – develop detailed design for foreshore area  : February 2012

Aspect Studio November 2018 : Consultation plan and visual summary

Emerge Associates – Develop the design for the current works and construction superintendency

Space Agency: Design of beach shade structure

Phase 3 Landscape Construction Pty. Ltd.: Subcontractor contractor construction of shade structures:

RMF Fabrication: Fabricator shade sail

Blackwell & Associates: Beach Access Paths


Foreshore Renewal masterplan adopted.

Information taken from the Cottesloe Annual Report 2018:

Design Advisory Panel reviewed the Foreshore Redevelopment Plan.  New Masterplan to be prepared in 2019. Beach Access Paths Committee formed. Priority paths upgraded late 2018. Universal access path constructed. Consideration is being given to adding artwork on the bitumen. An audit of parking facilities to be compiled in 2019.



Car Park One - Ideas for comment

Can you please send your input to Council urgently?

The Cottesloe Council is again seeking public comment on the Foreshore, now specifically regarding Car Park 1 and immediate surrounds in front of the Cottesloe Beach Hotel. 

What do you think of these ideas? 

Support Letter from designers  

Please see LETTER from Design Representatives, Adrian Fini, Simon Rodrigues, Dick Donaldson and Deon White, supporting the key issues important to the final design.

One Click to Submit  to Council   

Click the first link below provided by Cott+ Plus if you wish to easily send a submission direct to the Council. This is a pre-formatted submission document to make it easy for you and stimulate ideas. The Council wants and needs to hear from you to ensure the opinions received in total represent the majority of residents.

Alternatively, email your own submission direct to Council via 

Adding Your Input is Important   

The future of the carpark land is one of the most central and significant decisions in the long-term foreshore improvement and it is absolutely vital to hear from you.

Your opinions will influence the key design features and facilities.

Please talk about this and encourage friends and contacts to respond.


The Cottesloe group Cott+Plus made a very detailed and well-thought out submission on the Cottesloe Foreshore Redevelopment Plan early 2017.

Many of their suggestions have been welcomed and are being considered by The Town of Cottesloe.

Having input from the families who use the foreshore actively and from younger residents who will inherit the results of the foreshore plan years into the future, is a positive step forward.

October 2017: To read the Summary Strategy and see the progress of ideas, forms, shapes, colours, products and amenities click the button SUMMARY STRATEGY .

To read the submission letter, please click the button SUBMISSION LETTER at the right. To enlarge the plan click the image and a full size will open.