Cottesloe Skate Park

Cottesloe needs to cater for all age groups

Cottesloe petitioned to cater for youth

As a result of a petition and presentation by young Cottesloe residents, in September Cottesloe Councillors voted to conduct a feasibility study for a Cottesloe Skate Park. Results will be presented to the December 2017 Cottesloe Council meeting.

Most young parents want their children to be active – to be out in the open air, sharing physical activities in a safe environment with other young people.  Isaac Yeo says ‘It’s time Cottesloe got its very own skate park’ and started this petition to Council.

A local skate park in Cottesloe would have many benefits, encouraging outdoor activities, keeping skate boarders off the curbs and streets and giving them a safe, designated area where they can meet friends.

The petition is still open for more signatures as at this update:  05/11/2017.