Barchetta restaurant’s owners Jane, Phil, and Chris King have abandoned their application to upgrade their premises.

Phil King said Cottesloe’s latest proposal made the improvements untenable.

“We offered to spend around $500,000 of our own money on improvements to the building in return for a 15 year Lease term.  That would have allowed us time to amortise the cost.  It would have been a good deal for everyone;  We didn’t expect to make any money out of it.  We just wanted to be able to provide a better building more suited to Cottesloe’s beautiful ocean setting.  Unfortunately we couldn’t accept the terms offered.  Our application was modest but it took too long – over two years for us added to two years enquiries by the previous owner.  In the end we just became burnt out.  It’s a shame because everyone loses; the Town, us and the community.”

The Kings bought the business in January 2016 and started their improvement bid a short time afterwards.

Jane King received 4,500 letters and petition signatures in support of the proposed improvements.

 “The idea had overwhelming support from the community and was supported by the majority of Councillors.  People really, really love Barchetta,” she said.  “It would have been so nice to have been able to improve it for them.”

It was last discussed at a council meeting February 2018.

Council Meeting 27th February 2018

The officer recommendation was to authorise the preparation of a draft  Deed of Agreement to enter a new lease.

Click to read Agenda  Refer to  Item10.1.11 Page 63.


FOR: Crs. Angers, Harkins, Rodda, Sadler, Thomas, Tucak, Young

AGAINST : Crs. Boulter, Pyvis

Barchetta Café

Barchetta Café


NOTE FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION  : Town of Cottesloe’s Notice of intention to Lease Property -Barchetta 

Written submissions in regard to the proposed lease are invited and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (see button link below)  closing 4.00pm on Friday, 1 December 2017


Under existing lease term arrangements, Barchetta can operate for approximately 6 more years from 2017. Barchetta’s owners propose to upgrade the premises and surrounds at Barchetta but are unable to justify the cost without the assurance of a new, longer lease.

Public Support

This proposal has the overwhelming support of the public.

Cottesloe has a unique beachside culture and deserves attractive buildings to complement its stunning surrounds.

Improve Cottesloe Marine Parade Buildings

Through the Cottesloe Enquiry by Design Report the Council says it wants business owners to tidy up their buildings. That’s exactly what Barchetta is offering to do.

Barchetta’s owners are confident everyone will be very pleased with the outcome.


  1. The proposed improvement works aim to-
  2. Enhance the appearance and function of the existing building for the benefit of patrons, residents, visitors and the Town of Cottesloe.
  3. Resolve all issues associated with bin storage and waste collection
  4. Resolve all issues associated with the public restrooms and associated facilities
  5. Rectify run-down brick paving area adjacent to downstairs accessible toilets
  6. Improve vegetation fronting male change rooms
  7. Upgrade external building appearance and interior of premises


*For full description of Proposal click here to see  BARCHETTA PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS document

(also available from Town of Cottesloe or on site at Barchetta)


Author: J. King,  Yellowdot Enterprises Pty.Ltd.

Aerial view