Shark Barrier Installed 8th November 2019

The shark barrier at Cottesloe beach is now complete, and was officially opened by Mayor Phil Angers

Shark Barrier

February 2019 The Town of Cottesloe has called for Expressions of Interest to supply, install and maintain a shark barrier.

Deadline 22 February 2019


Mayor Angers presented a motion that the Council requests the Administration to:

1. Assess the feasibility of installing a Shark Barrier at Cottesloe beach to provide a shark-free enclosure for public recreational use.

2. The Assessment to include consideration of the following:

a. The location and optimal size of the Barrier;

b. The estimated cost of construction and on-going maintenance of the Barrier;

c. The funding alternatives available to enable the construction of the Barrier; and

d. A likely timeframe for construction of a Barrier, aiming to have the enclosure available for public use by October 2019.

e. Compatibility of a Shark Barrier with other beach activities e.g. surfing and surf life saving.

The outcomes of the Assessment to be detailed in an Officers Report to be included in the Agenda for the Council Meeting to be held 26th February 2019.