INDIANA TEA HOUSE   September 2019

Minderoo Group has acquired the lease for the Indiana Tea House site and is undertaking a design process to re-establish the Indiana as an offering worthy of its surrounds.   

Minderoo invited the public to submit ideas as part of this process, with a view to combining community concepts with the vision of leading Australian architects to redefine the site for the benefit of all West Australians.

Refer to Minderoo Group WEbsite for current information and survey

Extract: ‘At the 7 September 2018 Special Council Meeting, Council authorised the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer to execute a sub lease that transferred the control and responsibility for the public toilets at Indiana Tea House to the Town of Cottesloe for the remainder of the lease term. At the 23 October 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council approved the budget amendment required for major maintenance toilets to 30 June 2019, subjected to a benefit to cost analysis for the two options being undertaken and findings reported back to Council.’