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Curtin Avenue – Road Reclassification


Summary of Item 10.1

3-page summary kindly provided by Cr. Lorraine Young

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The matter concerned a proposal by Main Roads WA (MRWA) to start a process to reclassify Curtin Ave as a State controlled Main Road.  The proposal is expressly limited to the road from “kerb to kerb”, hence it doesn’t include the verges, footpaths or slip roads running off Curtin Ave.

The Officer’s report

The Officer’s Report in the Agenda Forum papers recommended that Council support the MRWA proposal, as it would involve a significant cost saving with no adverse consequences to the Town or residents.  Over the next five or so years a significant amount of maintenance work is required on Curtin Ave (estimated in excess of $1m) so that the transfer of maintenance responsibility to MRWA would have significant cost savings for the Town.

Further, the proposal relates only to the road from kerb to kerb– which means that it will not facilitate any realignment of Curtin Ave.  Nor does it include any verges, footpaths or slip roads off Curtin Ave.

The Controversy

Unfortunately, once the Agenda Forum papers were posted to the Town’s website in April 2019 some members of the community began circulating inflammatory and misleading information about the MRWA proposal, characterising it as part of a bigger, secret plan to widen Curtin Ave and Eric Street.

These circulars and emails apparently caused a great deal of concern and worry to residents of those streets, and we had a strong turn-out at the Agenda Forum and again at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

The Outcome

I therefore moved a Councillor motion to allow for comprehensive consultation over the next 2 months and for written confirmation of the details and effect of the proposal to be obtained from MRWA.  The resolution was passed unanimously.

Consultation will take place over the next 2 months so that the matter can be brought back to the June Council meeting.