Your Town Future Cottesloe

Cottesloe Lifestyle


Its Your Town, Your Lifestyle

If Cottesloe is home to you, your investments or your business, you may wish to be involved in the decisions that affect its future, its growth and prosperity.

A Committed Community for Positive Change

Please be part of the groundswell to make the necessary changes, to keep Cottesloe moving forward in a vibrant and creative manner.

Revitalising Cottesloe

For too long Cottesloe has been directed by a culture of ‘no change’. This is very evident when you compare our beachfront architecture and lack of facilities, our town centres and our transport nodes to other towns and cities which have been more responsive to change and population growth.

Future Cottesloe wants to work together with our community to shape the future of Cottesloe. We can develop great ideas to stimulate positive happenings when we work together.