Cottesloe Beach & Bicycles


Future Cottesloe, comprises local people committed to generating positive change and development in our great neighbourhood. We want to work together with residents, owners, ratepayers and local businesses to build a more creative, vibrant and progressive community.

Future Cottesloe supports the creation of a more connected community with innovative facilities, more green spaces, foot and bicycle paths, children’s play areas, public events, diversity of shopping and housing choices and great architecture.


to be open and transparent in our activities to enable and enhance community engagement
to maximize impact of community awareness
to embrace new ideas, innovation and positive growth direction, whilst preserving the natural environment and character of the area


To create a safe, active and connected community loved by its residents
To be vibrant
To be respectful of our community members
To be inclusive, sustainable, peaceful and stable

To assist to shape the future of Cottesloe and make it the jewel in Perth’s crown by improving Cottesloe’s facilities and environs through inclusive consultation with the community

Future Cottesloe 

is a website and a newsletter providing information on Cottesloe happenings.
If you would like to add your name to the newsletter email ist please send a request to:
P.O. BOX 6066, SWANBOURNE, WA 6010